13 December 2009


I woke up at about 7:00 and decided I deserved a bit more sleep before getting to work today. I fell back asleep and proceeded to dream that I woke up about 7:00 and decided I deserved a bit more sleep before getting to work. In the dream, I overslept my next alarm and woke at 4pm, and I was freaking out about missing the whole day. In this 9 hour block, I had a dream that I was both in Sons of Anarchy and watching it on DVD. (We/they were trying to work out a deal with a Taiwanese Triad. It was going well until the FBI showed up looking for a WikiLeaks server of all things.) Then I dreamed I fell asleep while watching the SofA DVDs and had a dream about moving into a new apartment and having to pack all my stuff this weekend, and also playing some game involving magnets and the positions of tables in a library. There was also a trip to a very rocky beach, some sandals I had made out of duct tape, and a hockey rink which had wheels on big stilt-like legs so it could stand up and reposition itself.

If I'm counting correctly, I think I had a dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream. My previous best for nested dreams is four, but those were the same dream at each level while all of these were different.

PS I hesitate to mention this, but at some point in my dream I discovered that in the space of an hour I had grown eyebrows at least three times larger than Thuffir Hawat's in David Lynch's 1985 Dune adaptation. One minute they were normal, and then all of a sudden they were the sizes of small squirrels.


  1. Maybe not as weird as yours, but I dreamed that I cloned my own head. Just the head, mind you.

  2. So you had a spare head? That's fantastic!

  3. It just laid around and did nothing. After a while it went bad, like a rotting pumpkin. Nice, huh?

    In my dream everyone was cloning their heads and taking pictures of them in odd environments, to post on the Internet. It was all the rage. But also illegal, so you had to claim you just Photoshopped it.

  4. Rotting pumpkin heads: eww.

    But the pretend Photoshopping is excellent.