01 November 2009

Whiskey, neat. Pickle, back.

I love both whisky and pickles, but I would never have thought of combining the two.
pdxPlate | The Pickleback

For those that don't know and/or are curious:

pickleback [pik'…ôlbak] n. a drink setup consisting of a shot of whiskey, typically Jameson, and a shot of pickle juice

Like an animal taken out of its natural habitat, what had taken hold in New York City bars has found a comfortable home here in Portland. True, this is the domain of numerous brewers and distillers, but there are quite a few high quality kitchens as well, all making their own pickles using signature brines. So perhaps this guide really is a look at the various pickles around town, which happen to also involve a shot of Jameson preceding it. [...]

One of the more revelatory aspects of the pickleback is how the acidity and salt of the brine stands in defiant contrast to the woody, caramel notes of the whiskey. And it'll get you drunk fast.

With respect to my Irish-American future in-laws, I will refrain from any gibes about Jameson only being a notch or two above pickle brine to begin with.

(Via Jacob Grier)

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