12 November 2009


Via my buddy JAH, some stats concerning Weis' tenure as ND head coach:
-Under .500 over the last 3 seasons
-Against teams with winning records: Weis 8-19 (.296) Faust 12-23 (.343) Willingham 12-15 (.444) Davie 18-22 (.450)
-0 wins against teams finishing in the top 10 of any of the major polls.
-0 wins over a team with less than 4 losses
-1 (1-13) win against teams finishing in the Top 25
-Worst two year stretch in Notre Dame history (10-15)
-First coach to lose to Navy since 1963 (twice)
-First time in 73 years (the first year of polling) that an unranked Navy team defeated a ranked Notre Dame team
-Worst loss to a service academy in 44 years (blown out by Air Force)
-First coach in Notre Dame history to lose to an eight-loss team (Syracuse 2008)
-0-5 against USC
-Average margin of defeat against USC: 19.8 ppg
-Losing records to Boston College: 1-2, Michigan: 2-3 and Michigan State: 2-3
-Losses by 20 points or more: 8
-More shutout losses: 3 (Boston College, USC, Michigan) in four years than Notre Dame had from 1965-2001
-First 9-loss season in school history
-First 0-4 start ever
-First 0-5 start ever
-Has lost to more teams that finished outside the top 50 (MSU 2007, Purdue 2007, GT 2007, Navy 2007, Syracuse 2008) than Willingham, Davie and Faust… combined (5-4)
-Last overall offense in the country in 2007
-Last overall in yards per play in 2007
-Last overall in yards per game in 2007
-Lowest average yardage in the history of Notre Dame football in 2007
-Worst rushing team in ND history in 2007
-Lost to Navy, USC and Michigan in the same year… twice
-Set an NCAA record (58) for most sacks allowed in a season in 2007
-Notre Dame finished 90th in the country in the 2007 Sagarin ratings… below Richmond, North Dakota State, Delaware, Navy, Florida Atlantic, James Madison and Wofford.
-3-16 record since 2007 against teams that finished with a winning record
-Only coach in ND history to coach for five years and not score 50 points in a game (56 other teams topped 50 points during Weis’s tenure)
-Weis has given up 40+ points in a loss 6 times, 30+ in a loss 19 times
-Currently has the 84th ranked defense in the country
-Will miss the BCS three straight years
-No BCS wins in five years of coaching
Jesus wept. The numbers are skewed by a terrible year in 2007 partially due to a gaping recruiting hole left by Willingham, but still... ouch.

I think the biggest problem is the abysmal record against even middling good teams.

(They are also available on NDNation here.)


  1. Well, this about sums it up. Although I feel that there is some "piling" on Coach, the program [Nd] has been on a decline. Additionally, other teams are getting better and less intimidated by them.

    Coach Davies, Willingham, etc... were actually good coaches...

  2. I agree that people are piling on Weis. I disagreed with the people who were calling for his head in previously, but I'm at the end of my rope at this point. I want to be able to defend him, but I really can't.

    You and I differ on Willingham though. I wouldn't call him good by a long shot.