02 October 2009


I'm finally taking a photography class this semester that I've been wanting to take for a couple of years now. I'm really excited about it, but sometimes I'm struck by how relentlessly 19th century photography is.

Just wow.

That's from:
Connelly Barnes, Eli Shechtman, Adam Finkelstein, and Dan B Goldman. PatchMatch: A Randomized Correspondence Algorithm for Structural Image Editing. ACM Transactions on Graphics (Proc. SIGGRAPH). 28(3) August 2009.
Here's their website with a longer, 5 minute demo of the above. Goldman also has a demo of some video editing stuff he's working on. I especially like the ability to compose a still photograph cobbled together from many different individual frames of a video which he does at the end.

I've written some custom photo manipulation software using Processing. Nothing nearly as cool as Barnes et al. of course, but I'm hoping I can incorporate some of that into my final project in my class. I'd be posting some of my photos as I go along, but I'm using an analog SLR borrowed from the Special Lady Friend, so my images are currently trapped in an non-digitized state.

Speaking of post-photography, I'm going to have to grab Fred Ritchin's After Photography from the library sometime soon.

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