28 October 2009

Police that Mustache!

The Chap | US Airforce Tries to Clip RAF Pilot's Whiskers

When RAF pilot Flight Lieutenant Chris Ball was sent on an exchange posting with the US Air Force in Afghanistan, he was told to trim his splendid handlebar moustache. Under US Air Force rules, moustaches should not extend downwards beyond the upper lip, or sideways beyond the corner of the mouth. Flt Lt Ball's finely waxed plumage measures a full six inches from tip to tip, in true RAF tradition.
I love it.

After a "frank exchange of views" it was determined that the whiskers were in compliance. Good for Flt Lt Ball and his cookie duster.

PS I had no idea The Chap had so much of their content online. For more discussion of mustachios both noble and pedestrian, I direct you to their "Judge my Shrub" feature.

PPS The subject line comes from Generation Kill. Perhaps the best part of that miniseries was Sgt. Maj. Sixta barking continuously about the grooming standard. (Warning: as you may imagine, there is some degree of colorful language in the following.)

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