29 October 2009

More Pop Art Costumes, Please

This is vaguely freaky and very witty. I would raise no objections to more Roy Lichtenstein costumes in the world.

PS The ubiquitous young ladies who are always hellbent on dressing up as a "Naughty [Fill-in-the-Blank]" are directed to Lichtenstein's "Seductive Girl" for inspiration. (Note to office workers: that link is to a Google image search of a piece of fine art from a respected painter, but the words "seductive girl" are still going to show up in your logs, so be advised. (I f---ing hate that I feel obligated to make these kinds of warnings, by the way.))

(Via Charmed.tumblr)

1 comment:

  1. For more Pop Art costumes check out www.theblitzkids.com and look for David Cabaret in the Divas section...