23 October 2009

Married Priests, Part 2

A clergyman of my acquaintance sends me this astute comment:
A call is a call — and one can hardly imagine that God does not call married people to religious life.
I think that says it well.

He also predicts that female clergy will not be far behind. I think ending clerical celibacy is about as much change as the Church could stomach in one generation, but eventually he is right.

In contrast to the arguments against married priests, I do not understand the arguments against female priests. Women are apparently made of a different metaphysical stuff than men which renders them incapable of performing the same duties and functions? Perhaps I am misunderstanding, but that smacks of silliness and magic to me.

Any comments about the supposed metaphysical difference between priests and men (or Men) remind me of the 'Miracle of Bolsena,' which always struck me as woefully political. However, I miss no opportunity to post an image of the Raphael Rooms, even though The Mass at Bolsena is far from my favorite of those frescoes.

Which is my favorite, then? The School of Athens, as obvious and cliched as that may be. It's a classic for a reason, after all. I think my second favorite is The Expulsion of Heliodorus, followed by The Baptism of Constantine.

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