24 October 2009

I'm pretty hot stuff

TotalBeauty.com | Top 10 Hottest-Guy Cities

No. 1: Bethesda, Md.

Book smarts? Check. Healthy bank accounts? Check. Good physiques? Check. Few bad habits? Check. The mix of military and government serves the men of Bethesda well. The city is the second smartest, according to Forbes, and a higher than average number make more than $100,000 a year. Bethesda also has one of the lowest percentages of drinkers and smokers in the country, and is in the top percentile of healthy, active and fit people.
Remain calm, ladies, remain calm. The line forms to the left. Please have your 'Application to Date a Blogger from the Hottest City in the Country' signed and ready. Be advised that you will need to defeat The Future Mrs South Bend 7 in single combat to win a shot at my affection, and she is one tough bird.

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