15 October 2009


Megan McArdle | The Saudis Have a Modest Proposal:

Apparently the Saudis want us to pay them for their losses if we cut our petroleum consumption.

As long as they pay us for the movies, bourbon, and bikinis they're not consuming, this seems eminently fair to me.

Update: Commenter Mike in DC adds 'The sad thing is that if it were Midwestern farmers making this argument rather than Saudis, it would be taken seriously.'
If? Many Midwestern farmers do make this argument, and it is taken seriously.

This is bread-and-butter trade unionism, too. Unions often demand to get paid for labor specifically because no one wants that labor anymore. I've seen it from longshoremen, auto workers and teachers. You're not a victim if someone used to want what you sold and now they don't.

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