28 October 2009


And I Am Not Lying | Jeff Simmermon | Strike the Pose:

Whenever I see a person in baseball hat that’s in any position other than brim-forward, cap-on-scalp, I think the wearer is sending a very clear message. They’re saying, all with the turn of a hat:
I am a proud and defiant member of a subculture that places absolutely ZERO value on intelligence. We place so little value on intelligence that we don’t even value the APPEARANCE of intelligence.

Like any good Chap, I have sympathy for hats worn at jaunty angles, but the hat Simmermon pictures has moved way past jaunty and into orthogonal.

Furthermore, there is the matter of the axis of rotation. With few exception, jaunty angles are achieved through roll, and not yaw, of the cover.

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