30 October 2009

George Steinbrenner: Welfare Queen

Need an extra reason to cheer against the Yankees? One can never have too many, after all. Matt Welch details the $1.2 Billion tax-payer subsidy they received for their new stadium.

By the way, Bob Kraft built Gillette Stadium in 2002 exclusively with private money. For that I declare him to be a gentleman of impeccable moral character.

Wikipedia | Robert Kraft

In 2005, a minor international incident was caused when it was reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin had inadvertently taken one of Kraft's three Super Bowl rings. Kraft quickly cleared up the misunderstanding, stating that he had given Putin the ring out of "respect and admiration" he had for Putin and the Russian people.[3] However, Kraft's wife Myra states that the initial claim is true.
Strange. Perhaps I spoke too soon about Kraft's moral character? He may be covering up for a thief, but at least he isn't thieving from me.

Personally I would never say something so nice about a thug like Putin. Of course, I would also never call out a thug like Putin for stealing something like that. Never pick a fight with someone crazier than you are, after all.

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