25 October 2009


The Escapist | Civilization Coming to Facebook

As if there aren't enough ways to screw in time on Facebook already, Sid Meier has announced that a new version of Civilization will be coming to the world's most popular social network next year.
I tend to use Facebook about three minutes a week. (Less now that their iPhone app doesn't work any longer with the 2.0 firmware on my iPod Touch.) I think that may change soon.

Attention to all of my friends who are on Facebook: Consider yourselves challenged.

(Via Popehat)

Two of my favorite things intersect:
Wikipedia | Civilization (series)

Scottish science fiction author Iain M. Banks has noted that he spent much time playing the game (appearing to refer to the first version) and that it was one of the inspirations for the concept of the 'Outside Context Problem' central to his Excession novel - the appearance of invaders or travelers which are so advanced that they are totally outside the society's frame of reference. In an interview, Banks specifically compares this to having a Civilization battleship arrive while the player is still using wooden sailing ships.

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