09 October 2009

Because this Obama Peace Prize thing is just too ridiculous for one post

This is a disgrace to Norman Borlaug, Lech Walesa, Mother Teresa, and all the other past winners who have actually accomplished things.

Someone give me one tangible thing Obama has done to promote something even vaguely related to peace. I get that the awards committee was just trying to say "Wooooooo! He's not George Bush!" but what foreign policy has Obama adopted that's significantly different from Bush's? He's staying the same course in Iraq, he's escalating things in Afghanistan, he's defending the administration's ability to hold anyone they think are enemy combatants indefinitely (he's just not going to do it at a US Navy coaling station in Cuba), he's standing by Bush's use of executive privilege, he's continuing the extraordinary rendition program, he's using signing statements (less of an international concern, granted), he admitted the US tortured detainees, but gave the torturers a pass because they were 'just following orders,' he's continuing the NSA's illegal wiretapping program, he's expanding US military operations in Columbia even as he ordered a stop to using the phrase "war on drugs," and he's leaving North Korea, Somalia and Sudan to twist in the winds of chaos and famine and violence like they have been for decades or more.

Even Sarkozy thinks Obama is talking out of his ass when it comes to nuclear disarmament. Obama botched the crisis in Honduras last winter by abandoning the democratic, constitutional government and instead backing the power grab by fellow leftist Manuel Zelaya. He's also come perilously close to provoking a trade war with China in the midst of a global recession, punishing poor American consumers and poor Chinese workers in order to reward his trade unionist friends. And to top it all off, he was nominated just twelve days into office. Twelve days! Who the hell knew what he was going to do with the next 1448 days of his term?

On the other side of the scales, he's got a great speaking voice. So by all means, give him a fancy medal. You know what, why don't we just give him a week to deliver some fancy speeches about how he plans to discover a cure for cancer and develop a Grand Unified Theory in the future, and then toss the Physiology and Physics prizes his way as well. He's done about as much to deserve those.

This is not second grade tee-ball. You don't get a trophy just for showing up.

But where are the clowns?
Quick, send in the clowns!
Don't bother, they're here.

PS A friend of mine notes that the Nobel Peace Prize now has less than 23% of the credibility of the Heisman Trophy, which is "itself a BS award for the past 10 years." The Downtown Athletic Club would do a better job picking out Peace Prize winners than the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

Brian Doherty | The Peace Prize Body Count

Civilian casualties (est.) in two wars being waged by the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize:
Afghanistan, Feb-July: 886

Iraq, Feb-Aug: 2,629

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