26 October 2009

Another Cato Podcast recommendation

Another fine podcast from Cato, this one featuring Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock. HE speaks about his efforts as the trustee of three state employee pensions which hold Chrysler debt to remedy the gross disrespect for the rule of law that the Bush and Obama administrations carried out when they shafted senior debt holders. It's both informative and moving. Mourdock gets pretty emotional when he talks about Obama questioning the patriotism of anyone who objected to his shenanigans.

Fallout from Chrysler's Bankruptcy

If you're not listening to Cato Daily Podcast you really should be.

BTW Mourdock is a geologist by training and career. Bully for scientists in government. If we're stuck with having a government I'd much prefer it be staffed by geeks than by lawyers and professional campaigners.

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