25 October 2009

Anglicans? No, Donny, these men are nihilists.

This is a take on the Anglican/Catholic venture that I had not heard previously and rings true to me:
bdunbar | Bringing in the sheaves - wholesale

If Episcopal social conservatives who flee across the street to St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church and Fish Fry think they won't find progressive thought behind the pulpit and in the pews, they've got another think coming.

I don't think they are so dumb or naive.

It isn't about gay or women priests.

It is about Clown Eucharist and changing the Stations of the Cross for Stations of Millennium Development goals. It is about taking down crosses that adorn the outside of the church so as not to offend the sensibility of passers by. It's not about women priests but women priests who dress in hot pants and biker boots. Priests who profess that they do not believe in the divinity of Jesus but have no doubts about that Mohammad fellow. And whose Bishop does not see a problem with this, but see the whole thing as exciting in it's interfaith possibilities.

What it is about is the frustration of belonging to a church that does not take the religious thing seriously.

I don't especially care what gender or sexual preference my clergy has. I would prefer they not wear hot-pants in the vestry hall.

I can not attend a church that will not take seriously their own history, tradition, rites, or Deity.
I always considered the Anglicans to be getting a bit silly, perhaps mostly because I've heard Rowan Williams spouting nonsense about a fair number of things,* but I had never heard of all this business. No wonder people are turned off.

I looks like many Anglican parishes, like many other Protestant and some Catholic ones, are in a bit of a trap. They see their popularity waning and the popularity of {miscellaneous secular cultural trends} growing, so they try to incorporate or mimic those secular trends. But their popularity is, to many people, a result of being in contrast to the rest of society. Many people fill their lives with frivolity but still desire a counterpoint of sobriety to that. If they get the same tone at church services they get the other 167 hours a week, what's the point?

* e.g. "Every transaction in the developed economies of the West can be interpreted as an act of aggression against the economic losers in the worldwide game." (cite) For a refutation of the Zero-Sum Fallacy which Williams is making, see Coyote Blog.

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