01 September 2009

What about the rest of Sinead?

Ryan Sager | Neuroworld | Clever Ad: Sinead’s Hand

Well, clever, sure. But that's democracy -- the majority get to tell the minority what they can and can't do. I don't like it either. I've got to ask X million people's permission to buy an old childrens book, or to give someone a free cup of coffee, or to sell cheese made from unpasteurized milk or a hot dog wrapped in bacon, or to taste wine in front of my kid.

I don't mean to be flip with those fairly trivial issues, but I feel like the folks who made this ad have gotten all the way to water and just won't drink.* They're looking at this process, this democratic process by which legislation is created that controls ever greater swaths of our lives, and they're seeing this policy which that process created, and they're thinking that we need to make a change on that particular issue and not the process as a whole. When a nation state has screwed up something as basic as whether or not two people can get married, what gives you confidence that they're going to be a good judge of what you can eat, or drink, or smoke, or what medicine you can take, or how much gas should cost, or how much sugar we should import, or what an eighth grader should know about world history, or how many people should own homes and how they should get to work from them? How do you conclude that the state has generated crummy legislation regarding marriages, but is going to create really great rules when it comes to health care, or education, or agriculture, or industrial policy?

(* In fairness I don't know anything about the people who made this ad. I'm generalizing based on 95% of gay marriage supporters in America.)

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