10 September 2009

Speaking of Science...

How cool is this Atomic Robo panel? Way cool, right? Look at that jaunty hat Robo is wearing! He's a robot, why is he wearing a hat? Because he's just that cool. Obvi.

That's Scott Wegener art from Atomic Robo and the Shadow from Beyond Time, issue #4. Via this Comics Should Be Good review column by Bill Reed, who is calling it his favorite issue of the year. I can't verify its awesomeness since I read Atomic Robo in trades, but Robo is some damn fine comics, so I believe it.

I would love this panel printed up as a poster on the door of the lab. That would get me so psyched up to do some science every morning.

UPDATE! Brian Clevinger, writer of Atomic Robo, was nice enough to post a higher resolution version of this panel in the comments. I am seriously impressed and really grateful that he read my JV, bush league blog post and bothered to take the time to respond and to post that file. That is above and beyond for a creator, and I'm oddly moved by his effort.

If you want some comics that will make you joyful, get yourself some Atomic Robo. I like a lot of books, and tv shows, and movies, and music, and there are a lot of worthwhile emotions those things can provoke in you, but Robo just makes me happy like few other cultural creations. Heavy Ink has the issues of the latest series in stock, and Amazon has the first and second trades available as well.

PS Does anybody remember those old Saiontz & Kirk ads for the ambulance chasing lawyers? They were big here in DC and Baltimore, I don't know how far they ranged though. They always ended with this ultra dramatic "Saiontz!! ... AND KIRK! If you have a phone... YOU have a LAWYER!" Now whenever I think about capital-S Science, I hear the voice of that announcer from the ads. Saiontz! Science!


  1. Here ya go.

    Image quality ain't so hot, but it should suffice for a quickie homemade print out.

  2. Dude, thank you. Seriously. That is awesome.

    Keep up the great work.