23 September 2009

Science and the Belfast Cowboy

I'm feeling particularly optimistic about my pursuit of scientific knowledge this afternoon thanks to a fine short review paper by Baddeley ("Working Memory: Looking Back and Looking Forward," Nature Reviews Neuroscience, 2003). Much to think about there. (Perhaps too much.) It's been a very tough adaptation for this Computer Scientist to get into a groove of reading psychology and neuroscience articles over the last couple of months, but I'm finally feeling in a groove.

This motivated feeling will probably pass when I actually have to figure what to do with all these new leads and turn them into an actionable outline, but in the meantime, it's time for some happy music.

Interesting biographical anecdote about your humble blogger: In high school physics my best man and I had to build a self-propelled vehicle out of cardboard and drinking straws and rubber bands and such. Ours only worked when Van Morrison's "Jackie Wilson Said" was playing in the vicinity. No joke. I'm still waiting for the physicists to come up with a unified theory of gravity, electromagnetism and blue-eyed soul.

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