05 September 2009

Public Education

bdunbar | Clearly we need to stay the course in public education

In my daughter's 11th grade American History class ... out of twenty-five students
  • Four students did not know who was the first President of the United States
  • Nine students did not know who won the American Civil War.
After eleven years of public school education.
I still remember another student in one of my high school history classes raising her hand and asking the following after our teacher talked about Pearl Harbor:
"But Mrs. X, if the Japanese were bombing us so much, why didn't we ever bomb them back?"
Mind you, this was in an honors class in a school that USN&WR considers one of the top five open enrollment high schools in the country. And the girl who said that has just been graduated from Georgetown Law.

That's why I don't put any stock in credentials.


  1. Nice graphic! I'm saving that one for later.

  2. Thanks. I wish I could say it's original, but I shamelessly lifted it from somewhere a while back and now I have no idea where.