09 September 2009


I was the designated Kegerator Engineer for our house in college. A kegerator is so choice. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

I will have one again one day. That day will be a happy one.

Wired has a good, if brief, how-to on building one. The most expensive part, in my experience, was getting the refrigerator itself. (Wired recommends Craig's List, but that didn't have much use in South Bend circa 2005.) The rest was simple. I believe we got most of the hardware from KegWorks.

Finding refills for the CO2 tank was more of a hassle than expected. The local welding supplier couldn't do it for reasons I forget, and there was no paint ball supplier nearby, so we went to a company that sold and installed fire suppression systems and extinguishers and they took care of us.

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