07 September 2009

Going to the movies

Julie & Julia | Popehat | Ken

One of the most difficult questions that any couple must face is this — if you like the chick flick your wife dragged you to, or the guy flick your husband dragged you to, do you still earn guy flick/chick flick points, redeemable later to force your own choice of movie?

Previously Katrina’s firm answer has been yes. She liked Star Trek very much this summer, but remained resolute that it was a guy flick and therefore earned her points she could spend later to drag me to some movie with relationships and no explosions whatsoever.

She may reconsider after tonight, because I liked Julie & Julia very much, and she probably doesn’t want me to earn chick flick points for having seen it."
That's a thorny question indeed, and one that I hope Special Lady Friend and I will address at length during our marriage preparation, right between "How will we decide whose parent's house to go to for holidays?" and "How many children do we want?"

This will be complicated by the fact that SLF likes a lot of "guy" movies as much or more than I do (e.g. the aforementioned Star Trek). I may have a tougher time talking her into renting Assassination of a High School President* than I will Crank 2: High Voltage. My tastes tend a little more towards the off-beat. Let's not sugar coat it — "weird" would be the word my friends use. My two favorite movies are The Big Lebowski and Hero. I think I voted to see The Brothers Bloom the weekend we went to see Star Trek.

I have to say though, finding a woman who wants to see Star Trek more than I do is a very good problem for a geek like me to have. Oh, she also has favorite episodes of Mythbusters. That's right, she's awesome.

(* Never heard of it? Here's the trailer. The DVD is out 6 Oct 09.)

Since we're talking about movies, here's The Official SB7 Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies of the Fall:
  1. Avatar, James Cameron, 18 Dec
  2. The Road, John Hillcoat, 16 Oct
  3. Sherlock Holmes, Guy Ritchie, 25 Dec
  4. The Men Who Stare at Goats, Grant Heslov, 6 Nov
  5. Where the Wild Things Are, Spike Jonze,* 16 Oct
A big honorable mention goes to the Brothers Coen with A Serious Man (out on 2 Oct 09), only because while it looks quite good this seems like more of a DVD movie to me. Getting to the theater five times is already going to be a stretch.

* A fellow alumni of the high school mentioned recently.

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