20 September 2009


You know what I loved as a kid? My rocking horse. That thing was the best.

You know what's even more of the best? This rocking horse:

Bike EXIF | Felix Götze rocking horse

A little bit of fun for the weekend: German designer Felix Götze has created this rocking horse from old motorcycle parts. Apparently it’s for a little lad called Otto Komei, who is fascinated by the choppers coming out of the workshop opposite his house. Götze installed a two-stroke thumper of 150 cc with a slash-cut exhaust, because “everybody rides V2 four-stroke”. That sprung leather saddle is a neat touch, and so is the airbrushing by artist Thomas Weber. Who’s a lucky boy? [Images and concept copyright Felix Götze.]
I don't even want one for my (future) kids. I want one right now, for me, so I can rock out while watching TV.

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