10 September 2009

Exite! Chemicus sum!

Attention Internet: I am loving this patch that Atomic Nerds designed.
Back Off! I'm a Scientist!

(It's for a contest run by Larry Correia, the author of Monster Hunter International, which I haven't actually read or really know anything about, but I'm still loving it.)

I'm thinking I need one for wearing around the lab. Perhaps when I order my gratuitously unnecessary lab coat I will affix one of these bad boys. No, I don't need a lab coat at all for what I do. The dirtiest thing I work with is my fountain pen. But still, it would be my official thinking coat. My jauntiness factor when pacing the halls would go up by a couple orders of magnitude at minimum.

My labmates and I have also long wanted more Latin in Computer Science. I won't even pretend we aren't all jealous of the natural sciences. I think the only Latin in CS is the derivation of the name "mip map," a technique for texture mapping, from the Latin multum in parvo, for much in a small space.

I do prefer the use of "naturalis" rather than "chemicus" for scientist though. No particular reason, it's not like I know much about Latin. It just reminds me of the bygone days of the natural philosophers, which is a nice romantic notion.

You can (sort of) order a patch here. I agree with one of the commenters that they ought to CafePress this design if possible.

(Of course, I'd be remiss in not mentioning this XKCD shirt.)

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