28 September 2009

Dude Fest!

Just got back from Lebowski Fest 2009 DC. Simply amazing. It was great seeing the movie in a crowd so full of energy and admiration and joy. The difference between this and watching the movie at home was as big as the difference between a live concert and playing a CD.

I rocked a decent Dude costume, with some sandals, beat up shorts, stretched and faded tee, bathrobe, and shades. Special Lady Friend took it up a notch with a Nihilist costume, complete with green painted nails and a bandaged little toe. There were some great costumes around, including many Dudes, a handful of Walters, a couple of Valkyries, a couple of Jesuses, a Time Man of the Year, and a Maude-trying-to-conceive. I was really hoping to see a Knox Harrington, but no luck.

DC is the last stop of the 2009 Tour, but there are still tickets available for the bowling party tonight in Bethesda for anyone in the DC area looking for some entertainment. I highly recommend it.

In a bit of coincidence, Special Lady Friend's Parents saw this license plate while on a trip to upstate NY today:

In other Lebowski news, I saw this post from Jacob Grier in my feed-reader when I got home: El Dude
My drink for this month is a variation on the White Russian. The White Russian’s enjoyable as is, but it could be a lot more interesting. Kahlua’s a one-dimensional liqueur and vodka is, well, vodka. I decided to rehabilitate the drink with Patron XO Café, a tequila-based coffee liqueur, in place of the cloyingly sweet Kahlua, and then added a few other things to make El Dude:
1.25 reposado tequila
.75 oz Patron XO Café
.5 oz heavy whipping cream
.25 oz triple sec
cardamom tincture to taste*
wet whipped cream**

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