02 September 2009

Dr. Senator Lou

The Sports Economist | Skip Sauer | Coaches Vote Republican

Steve Kornacki did the research, reported today in the WSJ. Not on votes, exactly, but on contributions to Federal Election Campaigns in the 2008 cycle. Kornacki states that 20 coaches are listed as having donated to Republican campaigns, versus 3 to the Democrats -- a landslide for the GOP! Perhaps this is the counterpoint to the observation that college campuses are filled with liberal faculty. ;)

The explanations? Tom Osborne jokes that liberals would claim that coaches are Republicans because, as former players, 'they got hit in the head too much.' Lou Holtz — who recently considered a run for office as a Republican — goes for the rugged individualism line, ironically blended with a bit of team collective spirit....
'You aren't entitled to anything. You don't inherit anything. You get what you earn—your position on the team,' Mr. Holtz said. 'You're treated like everybody else. You're held accountable for your actions. You understand that your decisions affect other people on that team... There's winners, there's losers, and there's competitiveness.'
As usual, I'm not exactly sure what Lou said, but he does have the gift of the gab.
No one is ever sure what Lou Holtz is saying, which is exactly why he would make a great politician.

Tell me you wouldn't want to see some of this from the floor of congress:

"There are 100,000 fans in the stands but they're unarmed." Wise words, Dr. Lou.

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