25 September 2009

Clowns on the left of me, jokers to the right.

Coyote Blog | Expectations:

I must say that I do find it interesting that a few heated verbal exchanges and one guy carrying a gun peacefully somewhere near where the President was speaking is considered a looming threat from the right to civil society while lefties physically clashing with police and destroying property (again near the President) is treated as ho-hum, more leftish rioting. The same bored reaction tends to result from union violence as well. Is it bias, or have we just had years to get used to violence on the left? With memories of Seattle, all subsequent violence I guess seems tame and not worthy of comment.
I don't think it's that we're inured to it. I think it's that people view leftist rioters as silly college kids whose hearts are basically in the right place but just don't know how to express themselves and will grow out of it soon, but they view right wingers as selfish, psychotically aggressive and possibly revolutionary. Each group (unwittingly or not) encourages this view. The leftists sport dreadlocks and wear silly costumes as if they're going to an absurdist performance art production, and the rightists have buzz cuts and wear fatigues and act as if they're in the middle of Red Dawn.

PS Look at these pictures from the London G-20 summit in April. Two of those radicals are literally dressed as clowns. It's no wonder people don't take them seriously even when their hissy fits boils over into rioting.

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