21 August 2009


From Carpe Diem, via Coyote Blog:
NB: The Post Office is still losing money at that price point.

The stamp vending machine at the downtown Flint Post Office no longer sells stamps, it sits there empty. Right next to the dark, empty vending machine for stamps sit two fully operational, bright and shiny vending machines, one for soft drinks and one for snacks, presumably owned and operated by a private, for-profit vending machine company (see photo above).
Same for my branch. They also have one of those automated mailing centers that walks you through buying postage for parcels, but about 95% of the time there's a mailman there punching the buttons for customers, thus obviating any efficiency gains from the capital investment of the machine. But remember, according to Fearless Leader Obama this is evidence that we should support MORE government involvement in health care.

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