26 August 2009


Whenever Special Lady Friend tells me on the phone that she has a surprise for me or bought me a present, I always ask if it's a sandwich. This is partially to induce charming feminine giggles, and partially because sandwiches are the best food genre ever. Now, my crazy guesses have been vindicated:

That's the "giftwich," via Insanewiches.

In other sandwich news, SLF and I went to The Pop Shop in Collingswood, NJ for some of their famous grilled cheese sandwiches, and we were not disappointed. However, it did raise some questions about the ontology of grilled cheese sandwiches. Besides (1) being a sandwich, (2) having cheese, and (3) having been exposed to a heated, griddle-like surface, are their any requirements for a sandwich to be a grilled cheese? I ask because my sandwich, while extremely delicious, had too much meat and too little cheese for it to fall into my conception of what a grilled cheese sandwich should be. I think cheese should not only be present, but be the dominant filling ingredient.

And in yet more sandwich news, The Atlantic had a run-down of sandwiches around the world yesterday. One can draw much inspiration from this.


  1. A grilled cheese should be only cheese, bread and lubricating ingredients (eg. butter).

    Adding anything else you should label it as such. Grilled Ham and Cheese. Grilled Cheese and Tomato.

    There is no excuse for mislabeling.