23 August 2009

Geekgasm: Hellboy Edition

Jakob Westman has combined two of my favorite things: Playmobil toys and Hellboy. I can not tell you how into Playmobil I was back in the day. I had a few police, and a decent set of knights, but the Western collection was where it was at for me. Some cowboys & indians, some stage coach robberies, a little panning for gold, a cavalry charge across the floor of the den ... those were the days.

But put all that together with the iconic art of Hellboy? Just beautiful.

Sadly, this is a one-of-a-kind set commissioned by Mike Mignola. If I had my own it would get a place of honor right beside my Big Lebowski action figure.

(Via The Ephemerist. NB: Westman's website is in Flash, so to find the Hellboy stuff, go to the "Misc" section and it's to the right.)

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