24 August 2009

Cowboys Stadium

ESPN | Titans kicker exposes problem in Cowboys Stadium: Punter kicks into HD screen over field

ARLINGTON, Texas -- The Tennessee Titans felt they exposed a major flaw in Cowboys Stadium during the first football game played in the building when reserve punter A.J. Trapasso hit the gigantic HD screen that hangs over the field.

But after a 30-10 Dallas win, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said he doesn't think it is an issue. The NFL signed off on the 160-foot long, 90-foot high video board, Jones said, and he does not plan to alter it.


"I hit it probably a dozen times in pregame," Hentrich said. "Probably somewhere around a five-second punt is going to hit it and some of the guys in the league wouldn't be able to punt here if it's not raised; they'd just be nonstop hitting it. I don't know what the people were thinking. I guess they should have tested things out before they put that thing in place. It'll have to be raised."

Jerry Jones is a prick. The screen can be moved (and will be for an upcoming U2 concert), but he's refusing.

This isn't even the worst thing about the new Cowboys Stadium though. Fast forward to 1:47 in this GeekBrief video to see some seats that are shamefully bad. Jones should be embarrassed to have these things on sale.

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