31 July 2009

The Natural Delight

WSJ | Real Time Economics | Sorry, Bud: Natty Light Isn’t Just for College Anymore

Heineken sales sank 18% from the previous year in grocery, convenience and drug stores during the two-week period ended July 5, followed by Budweiser at 14%. Corona Extra sales dropped 11%, while Miller Lite declined 9% and Bud Light fell 7%. Coors Light sales held up better, falling less than 1% from a year ago.

Meanwhile, sales of “subpremium” beers including Busch, Natural Light and Keystone posted “substantial gains”, according to Ad Age, which didn’t provide the specifics.

It’s a sign that despite the cheap, frat-party image of those brands (and debatable taste), consumers are focused on one thing right now: the bottom line.
The only thing debatable about their taste is whether they have any.

Ha! I jest. Natty, as terrible as it is, will always have a fond place in my heart. It was the go-to party beer at ND, the foundation upon which all other drinking was laid. It was universal; I'm not sure I was ever at a party that did not have at least some Natty. Debts were payable in Natty. Special Lady Friend even dressed up as a can of Natty for Halloween. (I was a PBR. We matched. It was precious.) Natty was the fuel for all late-night bad decisions. We brought it to the shower with us, we threw ping pong balls into it, we poured it on our girlfriends' heads.* It arrived by the pallet for dorm parties, it arrived by the barrel for house parties. It nurtured us, and sometimes it punished us. Natural Delight, here's to you.

(A big tip 'o the hat to Degs for that link. Photo from the personal collection of J.A.H.)

* Well, not so much "we" for that last part. Just one dude. He knows who he is.


  1. After the first 3 or 4 beers, the remainder need only be filler since their jobs isn't taste.