09 July 2009

Back online again

I'm back. Again.

No thanks to Apple Computer Inc., who took 10 days on a 3-5 day quoted turnaround on my laptop. As a special bonus they decided in would be wise to wipe my hard drive and upgrade my OS to the latest version on my behalf. Not to be too ungrateful, I did get a free upgrade afterall, but it was entirely unnecessary since they were just swapping out a wireless card. And they didn't even put in the new 802.11n capable version of their wireless card that's been shipping with MacBooks for the last two years.

Luckily I had backups of everything, but I do my backups the way I've been doing them for the last 7 or 8 years -- with rsync and not with the Apple Approved Backup Product (R), so restoring everything from my archives was a two day pain in the ass. (Especially painful-in-the-ass: moving my Firefox profile over from archives and getting it to play nice with the TorButton extension. Grrrr.) I'm just now getting everything sort of back to the way it was, although there's still a ton of stuff that needs to be re-intalled and some stuff that will just never work with 10.5.

Even auto mechanics give you a call to check before they do some service you didn't agree to beforehand. You'd think Apple's technicians could have shot me a quick email to ask my opinion about upgrading my OS. They obviously weren't in too much of a damn hurry.

I specifically haven't upgraded since 10.5 came out because I don't want it. It's offers a bunch of whiz-bang flashy stuff I'm not that interested in at a cost of more resource usage, which is already high, so I made a conscious choice to stick with 10.4, which I was happy with and was all set up the way I want after almost 3 years of use. It's as if their people have this attitude of "silly consumer, how could he not want our super-special latest offer? We'll just go ahead and do what we know to be in his best interest for him."

Funny thing is that all non-geeks I've talked to about this give me a "that's sort of annoying, but what's the big deal?" response, and all the geeks I talk to are horrified. They appreciate that this thing is my workshop and file cabinet and desk top and tool chest all at once, and you just don't screw with a dude's kit like that. It's like that cliched movie scene where some girlfriend thinks she's helping by surprising her boyfriend and cleaning out the garage and putting everything in Container Store stackable modular bins and then he's all pissed because he knew where everything was and now it's all mucked up. Sure, she's being nice and all and trying to help, but Jesus, the man had things where he wanted them. Don't second guess.

So anyway I'm back and blogging again. Huzzah. Ranting over.

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