24 June 2009


Sorry about the break from regularly scheduled blogging action. I am back.

I took a long weekend out on Lake Michigan with the old college mates as a combination reunion and bachelor party. Quite the rare old time. There was a storm one night which dumped 3+ inches of rain onto the venerable but small burgh of South Haven, knocking out the power and water to our rental for two days. In a true show of prioritization we made due with bathing in the lake before laying in an extra stock of ice to keep our beer cold. There was also some abortive fishing, plenty of beach lounging, much cooking of things over open flames (including some pizza on a bonfire -- recommended), consumption of alcohol in modes that the more bluenosed among us may deem "socially irresponsible," and a roastish skit prepared by former suitemate (and SB7 reader) Skipper patterned after that most lofty of cinematic acheivements, The Big Lebowski. Trival pursuits and Arrested Development also made appearances, and there were several conversations on the nature of morality, ethics, the state and the law. (Doesn't everyone do the latter on occassions like this?)

Also contributing to my dearth of blogging in the last few days is my return home on Monday to an internet connection which can be politely called churlish. In deference to my blood pressure, we will dwell no more on this matter.

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