12 June 2009

DC Interns are officially in season

Spotted: DC Summer Interns: Spotted: Bud Light Oversight Authority

Four interns sit down in my section and order four Bud Lights.

Me: I'm sorry, fellas, we don't have Bud Light. We have PBR on draft, though.

Intern #1: (sighs) Fine, four of those.

Me: No problem. I just need to see your ID's.

Intern #2: You don't need to see our ID's. We work for Congressman _______ from ________. (Flashes his red badge)

: Sorry, dude, but unless the Distinguished Gentleman from _______ is willing to use his oversight authority to make the $10,000 fine that we'd get slapped with for serving you without ID's go away, and give me a paying job when I get fired anyway, I'm still going to have to see them.

Intern #1: Wow, "oversight authority." That's more knowledge than I'd expect from someone with your job.

Me: And that's about as much ignorance as I'd expect from someone who agreed to lick envelopes for free.

For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of working in DC: yes, the interns really do act like this. "Ooooh look at me, I've taken four semester of Poly Sci at State U and now I wear ill-fitting khakis and tennis shoes to work where I give poorly narrated tours of the Capitol to sweaty, disinterested tourists with camcorders. I'm going to be just like Sam Seaborn when I grow up!"

(Via Jacob Grier)

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