01 May 2009

Exotic Beasts from Faraway Lands

DCist | Hindu Wedding to Involve Elephants:

The Renaissance Mayflower Hotel sent word around today that DeSales St. NW between Connecticut Ave. NW and 17th St. NW will be closed starting at 4:30 p.m. for a traditional Hindu wedding procession. D.C. residents Shilpa Maheshwari and Neil Agarwal are getting married today, and the Baraat ceremony will involve the groom arriving on an elephant as he and his family proceed down DeSales St.
(1) That's fantastic.

(2) I know her!

(3) I'm completely jealous of the groom. Forget limos, now I want to arrive to my wedding on a bison or something. Or a robot.

Update: DCist has a photo

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