01 April 2009

"Annual Capitol Hill Science Fair A Great Success"

Computing Research Policy Blog: Annual Capitol Hill Science Fair A Great Success:

The Coalition for National Science Funding, of which CRA is an active member, held its annual Science Exhibition on Capitol Hill last week. It was once again a great success with a room full of hundreds of attendees and a number of Congressmen visiting exhibits. For the first time, the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) attended, spoke briefly on the importance of funding basic science research, and received many thanks from the community there for her efforts to see science funded as part of the stimulus bill and the FY 09 Appropriations.

[...] The event, a science fair for Congress and staff, had 35 booths manned by researchers representing universities and scientific societies featuring some of the important research funded by the National Science Foundation.
The fact that we need a science fair (a science fair!) in order to engage congresscritters like a pack of snotty-nosed third graders in the recognition that research is being done and researchers want money is so disappointing. This is how science policy is set in what I'm told are the halls of power? With three-panel poster presentations? I'd like to see the agriculture lobby or the defense contractors have to stoop to events of this lameness. Can we at least not call it a science fair? Or if we do, can we make sure someone builds a paper mache and baking soda volcano that will blow up on Maxine Walters' shoes?

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