10 March 2009

News from my back yard: Extra Irony Edition

My Way News - 16 arrested in fight at nonviolence concert:

SILVER SPRING, Md. (AP) - Montgomery County police say 16 people were arrested after a fight broke out during a concert held to promote nonviolence and to remember a Silver Spring teen killed last year.

The free Stop the Violence youth concert was held Saturday night on Ellsworth Street in downtown Silver Spring in memory of 14-year-old Montgomery Blair High School student Tai Lam, who was shot to death in November.

Police say fighting broke out near the stage toward the end of the concert and at least one person resisted arrest. Police say 16 adults and juveniles were arrested for offenses such as assault and disorderly conduct.

That, dear readers, is why I chose not to go to Blair in a nutshell.

This reminds me of the company softball game I played in once against some firm that did "conflict resolution." They were the dirtiest, most competitive, most violent, most savage team I have ever seen in a non-contact sport. A close runner up was Ted Kennedy's office, but they were violent in a semi-jovial, drunken buffoonish way. No kidding. Ted Kennedy's people were pickled drunk at five in the afternoon on a weekday. Personally I'm totally cool with that (drinks taste better when the sun is up), so I only point it out because I thought it was delicious that a drunken buffoon would willingly surrounded himself with a team of drunken buffoons. It's all too screenplay-ish to be believed.

(The non-violent fight story is via Matt Johnson, who also had a good post today about Montgomery County (which encompasses Silver Spring) deciding to spend another $750,000 in an emergency "special appropriation" to double the budget for a new equestrian center. This is despite already running a $520 million deficit. Great priorities, you thieving bastards.)


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. But a little attribution to the author would be nice, too.



  2. Sorry for not following Johnson's link back to you and posting both, I guess.

    For what it's worth I've read a few more of your posts since then and I like your work.