24 February 2009

The bums will always lose!!

Patrick at Popehat points to a hilarious video of the end of the NYU stand off.
Highlights include the NYU cameraman shouting, “You may not use brutality, you are on camera!” to security personnel as they are walking away from him (and later turn a camera on him), his patronizing question, “We are engaged in a process of democratic consensus. Do you understand what that means?”, references to non-existent TASERs as “Devices of force! Devices of force!” and his explanation that his oppressors probably drink “corporate water.”

I also quited enjoyed his calling every piece of technology in sight a “MacBook” as though it never occurred to him that some electronic devices aren’t made by Apple.
Personally I love how their "barricade" was gently pushed aside by a couple of mild-mannered administrators. I made more robust barricades out of couch cushions when I was six. Oh, and I love how the fool running the camera keeps talking about "using consensus" as if consensus was a tool like a wrench or a MIG welder. Hell, I love all of it.

Things like this just make me so optimistic because with an age cohort populated by knuckleheads like this, how can I help but make it to the top?

Seriously, watch this video.


  1. I applaud the various authority figures on that video.

    Not once did I detect a heaved sigh, an eye roll or a snorted guffaw.

    Which implies an awesome amount of self control on their part.

  2. More than I could have mustered, for sure.