27 February 2009

Another comics thought

Collected Comics Library | Something to ponder

The next time you find yourself at a big box bookstore ask yourself: why so much Manga and so few comic book collected editions?

Sure Manga is hot, but with the advent of blockbuster movies like Dark Knight Iron Man and even Watchmen, why isn’t there more Comic Books on the shelves?
I've wondered this myself often enough. Specifically, I wonder it whenever I have to go to Borders or Barnes and Noble to use up a gift card from a relative who does not appreciate how phenomenally much worse it is shopping at either of those establishments than at Amazon.

What also makes me wonder every time I'm in this position is why they find it so impossibly difficult to keep their puny comics shelves organized. The manga is always in immaculate order, even with all the gruby 7th graders pulling them off the shelves all the time to camp out on the floor of the aisle and read them in situ. Is it really that difficult to reduce the entropy of the (domestic) comics section below that of a well-shuffled deck of cards?

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  1. Thanks for linking and commenting on this subject.
    You bring up a good point and one that I, too, have noticed. All the books have a nice uniformity to them and nothing is out of place.
    But the comic book shelf is always a wreck and I don't think it's because people are riffling through them. It's because of the various sizes and dimensions of the books that houses like Marvel and DC publish.