05 December 2008

Happy Repeal Day!

Freedom and Whisky gang together
— Robert Burns

Happy Repeal Day, America. Alcoholic drink and Freedom are both powerful, subtle and beautiful things which have my deep respect and admiration, so of course, I celebrate. Even putting all alcohol-related concerns aside I'm particularly proud of the 21st Amendment because it represents America slapping its collective forehead and exclaiming "Hey, remember that thing we did 13 years ago? The moralistic crusade that has been viciously backfiring on us? That was really dumb. Let's undo it." If only we bucked the weight of institutional inertia more often. (I'm looking at you, mohair subsidy.)

Master bartender Jeffery Morganthaler has a good round up of Repeal Day links for your perusal.

Here are a few events around the country to celebrate, and here are some more for DC folk. (If I weren't headed out of town I'd probably be starting things off at Paul's liquor store for their free Friday night tasting — this week is champagne — and then head to RFD. But that's moot.)

If you're feeling more academic, head over to CATO for a "Policy Forum" and reception. Here's a little preview: Radley Balko discussing historical prohibition of alcohol and the current prohibition of other intoxicants.

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