20 November 2008

The Sex Pistols were right...

...schools are prisons.
why.i.hate.dc: Kids These Days:

For the record, Anacostia High looks like a godd[---] penitentiary.
That's because Anacostia High is a penitentiary. Chances are good your local school is as well, though maybe not to the extent that they need 17 police officers to insure that classes are dismissed in an orderly fashion. Schools do not exist primarily to educate children, they exist to keep them occupied and out of trouble. They do not ask you to learn, they ask you to show up and obey. I am not exaggerating.

Of the following three possibilities, which is the least likely to cause you to fail in an average public school?
  1. You show up and do the work, but break a lot of rules.

  2. You turn in decent work and follow the rules, but rarely bother to show up.

  3. You show up and follow the rules, but never do any classwork.
In my opinion #3 is far more likely to see you get a diploma than the other options. The one things you can get away with not doing is classwork, which I think we can agree is an antecedent to learning for almost everybody. This leads me to conclude that attendance and obedience trump learning in the goals of the school system.

If you don't believe me, ask Paul Graham.

And by the way, Why I Hate DC's post is good. Go read it. We fully concur about the value of the Metropolitan Police Department. I happen to find them about as useful as 120 grit toilet paper.

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