22 November 2008


Shameful: Syracuse 24, Notre Dame 23. The best plays of the day for the Irish were made by the punt and punt return teams. That should tell you all you need to know about this abomination of football.

I've had it with Weis. I've been sympathetic, I've given him the benefit of the doubt, I've defended him in arguments, but now that's it. Get rid of him. We showed no signs of being prepared for the game, either intellectually or emotionally. It's as if everyone involved woke up this morning, slapped their foreheads and said "Gee whiz! We've got a game today! I hope I've got clean socks to wear. Mommmmmm...where are my socks?!"

And the play calling... I've seen more aggressive adjustments being made in high school spring passing league games. They were stacking 8, 9, 10 men in the box and still we wouldn't check out of inside runs.  Blocking schemes were poor, routes were poor, time management was poor.  Bunch of lollygaggers, lollygagging around the field.

On a brighter note: If you need something to take your mind off this debacle, check out Sammy Hagar enthusiastically holding forth on tequila: part 1, part 2. I love his idea of replacing the lime in a tequila shot with grapefruit.  If I worked for Weis, Swarbrick, or the alumni relations department I would be pounding back the sauce right now because there is about to be a rampaging horde of angry fans storming the gates.

PS:  Blue Gray Sky says it all well, including advice for Swarbrick (good plans, but I don't think it will calm anybody down) and some very depressing numbers, including the number of teams ranked above us that we've beaten in the last two years:  1.

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  1. Yeah, I couldn't believe that we used our last time out with FOURTEEN MINUTES left in the fourth quarter... or somewhere close to that... amateurs.