14 October 2008

Question(s) of the Day

Courtesy of Jacob Grier:
"Who are you, mysterious woman who drinks a car bomb so daintily? Are you single?"

PS In a completely non-related post, Grier talks about apartment hunting as an occasional smoker in Portland OR, where many buildings have banned smoking anywhere outdoors in order to qualify for environmental certifications of dubious-at-best scientific validity. As a fellow occasional smoker I can sympathize; his post is well worth a read. He concludes with:
If the [US Green Building Council] has so little respect for scientific validity when it comes to smoking, it makes one wonder about the entire checklist. Is it guided by respectable science or by political correctness?
Which is exactly the thought I had when I drove by NIH last week and noticed the multitude of flags proudly proclaiming the entire campus is now tobacco free so that they can build a "reputation as a beacon of enlightened health policy," facts be damned.

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  1. So the occasional smoking you mean is cigars, and they won't allow that I assume. So what if someone has a baby? Don't celebrate - "I don't want to smell your happiness, or taste your smoky delight"?