15 October 2008

Dog Blogging

Blogging has been light because news cycles have been dominated of late by either nauseatingly banal or disheartening campaign updates or nauseatingly distressful or tumultuous financial developments. Neither has inspired me to confront a stretching-into-four-days sinus infection, which has flushed my cognitive space with mental ballistic gel, into which thoughts enter but grind to a halting stasis almost immediately, never to mature into full-fledged Ideas. Perhaps not curiously, the same infection has pumped a decidedly less metaphorical gel-like substance into my actual head. Topping it all off I have witnessed two consecutive Red Sox losses at the hands of Tampa Bay which can only be described as woeful. I would have preferred that the entire line-up on the Rays come to my house to personally poke my puffy nasal passages with sharpened sticks than watch the previous 18 innings of the ALCS.

So as much as I would like to say something witty and insightful about some recent turn of events, I will instead let my faithful companion Gus earn his keep and post pictures of him instead.

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  1. Nothing warms the soul like pictures of a happy dog.