17 October 2008

At least one of the two can get you out of Detroit

The median home price in Detroit is now (substantially) less than value of my car:

Driven down by sales of foreclosed homes, median sale prices fell 34% in metro Detroit in September compared with a year ago, dipping below $10,000 in the city of Detroit.

The median price on a house or condo sold in Detroit last month plummeted 57%, to $9,250, from $21,250 a year ago, according to figures released Monday by Realcomp, a multiple listing service based in Farmington Hills.
My car, BTW, is a Honda. So that's just a big old F you to Detroit two times.

(Though my car was built in America, so Bruce Springsteen and anyone else out there clinging to romantic nationalist notions of American industrial prowess can take a deep breath. Americans still build a ton of cars, we just don't put an American corporation's sigil on the hood.)

(Via Felix Salmon)

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