15 August 2008

By Hatchet, Axe and Saw

Harrison Bergeron is coming to the big screen.  See the (beautifully scored) trailer here.

I'm usually skeptical of feature films based on short stories but I've got my fingers crossed for this one. Perhaps it too will be "an exception to the acceptable."

I also have strange feelings about the source material.  I really enjoy it, but I know that Vonnegut intended it to be read in an entirely different way than I (and most other people) read it.  Then I remember that Vonnegut was a crotchety old socialist, and I cease to care.  Anyway, the trailer makes it seem as though rookie director Chandler Tuttle is siding more with the William F. Buckley interpretation than the author's.

(Via Jacob Grier; subject line)

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  1. Can you say more about Vonnegut's intentions with the story?