27 June 2008

The Wine Purse

Good news from Cheap Fun Wines: Gallo has a new "Wine Purse" on the market. It's box wine, if you replace the box with a hand bag looking thing.

If we only had Tesco around these parts* I would get the Special Lady Friend one of these all the time. And she would love it.

I'm also overjoyed because this brings us one step closer to a culture that fully embraces the modern wine skin.** And that's a culture I want to live in.

What other kinds of wine transportation accessories could we have? Perhaps a wine bandolier? Each little pocket could be filled with a different varietal, so you could do a complete tasting menu and maintain maximum mobility. Plus you would look like an alcoholic Chewbacca, and it should go without saying that is a great thing in and of itself.

* These parts == United States
** Now available on Amazon! Score one for e-commerce, baby.

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