20 May 2008

Life Lesson #143: Your dissertation topic is not a marketable product

Very good take down of the One Laptop Per Child program from Tim Oren:
Conflating what was properly a research project with a low-end, scale product is rank hubris. Even a first-time-out product manager knows better.
I'm unconvinced with Oren's claim that the trailing edge of the technology/price curve moves as fast as the leading edge, but mostly because I've never seen any data to support this. That may or may not be true now; I have a feeling it will not be in the future.

Otherwise, a thoroughly brilliant article.

Via TJIC. And a here's previous TJIC post on OLPC, poetically entitled "the tears of sad hippies (now, just $249 per unit, in lots of 10,000 )"

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